Monday, 15 January 2018

Minor Submission: Reflective Statement

Looking back over my Minor Project Submission, I am more than pleased with what I have produced so far and feel more than confident going into the Major part of my project. Watching my idea develop throughout the past 4 month has been a joy and I hope to see it develop further. I am thoroughly happy with my submission as I managed to hand-in what I had intended (one fully texture model and the entire projects concept) with small flaws - the story board and animatic is one of these flaws but I do have the story board written out within my script - but overall these can be overcome quickly and not become a problem. I feel like I most certainly achieved the rickety feel of the sets from the stories description in the model well, even though the model was built in a uniform way I feel like it was a good choice to do it that way as it kept the model reasonable and gave me the opportunity to manipulate in certain places.

I feel like I initially struggled in the concept section of this project, for example when it came to designing these sets I couldn't find the right way to create them. I finally went on to look at Wreck-It Ralph and how they designed the worlds based on candy and other games, I took this and applied it to my world in a sense of children's toys. This project was a challenge for me but it was a welcomed one as it allowed me to develop myself more and has also given me more understanding of Maya than with previous projects and I have also learnt new things - for example how to create a tyre. 

In terms of graphic design and presentation in this project, my creation of 'Making Of's' and 'Art Of's" have come a long way. In this project I was determined to find time along the way which I could allocate to the graphic design of this project. I feel that by finding this time it benefited the project greatly in terms of presentation and the overall colour comp, Also it gave me a chance to brand the project and make it a whole and also my own, instead of it just being a collection of stories.

I understand that my work load must increase for the next part of the project and have set my self larger deadlines for each month and have faith in myself that this project as a whole will be completed in full by May 11th.

Thursday, 11 January 2018